An introduction

Who am I? I’m an independent graphic design professional.

I’m not Stefan Sagmaister or Jessica Hische—I’m not a graphic design rock star, complete with matching talent.

I’m not Martha Stewart—my attempts at crafts are never as neat as hers.

I’m not Donna Hay, either—I’m a lazy cook.

I am, however, an admirer of theirs, and of anyone who creates beautiful, amazing, unusual things—anything that makes me pause in my tracks and stare. I’ve been posting most of the inspiring things I find on Tumblr and Pinterest for some time now, so I figured, why not expand to a proper blog and actually talk about some of these things?

I know I’m just one voice of many, many bloggers, and this sort of blog has been done before (and better). With that in mind, I’m treating this blog an experiment—one where I will attempt to work on and talk about self-initiated, personal projects. I’ll also talk about the things that really grab me (or things I really want to grab), anything from fashion, art, design, and beyond.

Because I’m just starting, I’ll be focusing on myself and my own work for now. *hears the frantic mouse clicks of people going elsewhere*

Maybe with some luck, this little blog will take me places. Who knows? I’m not really the most confident person but I will do my best, anyway.

P.S. I’m in the very slow process of making the blog look the way I want. I think I should let people know right this minute that my expertise is in print (not web) design. If there’s anyone who’s following me, I hope you will bear with me as I attempt to edit my blog layout.


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