A few of my favorite things: Washi Tape

Washi tape (also called paper tape) is pretty difficult to find here in Manila. I’ve seen some fabric tape and some Cram Cream tape in Divisoria (which makes me wonder how “authentic” it is) but washi tape? I do remember seeing a few in the bookstores but they’re still not quite what I’m after.

I found that washi tape is not exactly cheap. I got some in Japantown in San Francisco (a set of two) and if I recall correctly, the set cost somewhere between US$5.00-10.00 (that’s around PhP200++ to PhP400++). I don’t go to the US often and I also don’t have access to washi tape (I avoid shopping online whenever possible because I don’t want to overspend), so I thought I’d better get at least a couple to play with. The thing is, just as you think you don’t want a particular color or print, you realize later on that you do.

This lovely set comes courtesy of one of my best friends, Mahala, who gave it to me as a birthday present:

I’m also a sucker for good packaging, and I love that this one also serves as a dispenser.

All this fuss over glorified masking tape, you ask? Well, it’s a great addition to your stationery and scrapbooking materials. Also, if you’re into unique gift wrapping styles, you can use plain craft or even coated white paper and then decorate with washi tape. Oh Joy shows an example of what you can do with them:

Photo: Oh Joy
There are even more creative uses for washi tape, like creating unique journals or notebooks. This photo is from mer mag‘s tutorial—which is an excellent idea for crafting with kids:

MerMagForGapKidsJournal4 by mer mag
Photo: mer mag

This one showcases a sophisticated look from designlovefest:

There are some really great ideas at this website, too. I’ve yet to try these—so far, all I’ve done is to apply tape to some of my things, like my external hard drive. Hahaha! Oh, and I did use it for the topmost image. I hand lettered the words in my sketchbook to see what shapes work, did the digital version in Illustrator, then after printing it out, applied tape to parts of each letter. Easy peasy.


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