Work | Wedding Invitation

Endriga-Wigforss invitation suite

One of my more recent projects, for one of the sweetest couples I know.

Therese is one of my favorite people, a fellow English Lit major from university. When she announced she was getting married, I immediately volunteered to handle her wedding invitation for free. I normally don’t work pro bono, but I felt that this one would be something worth doing.

The couple wanted their motif to be centered around a hot air balloon, and to use a rainbow color scheme. I thought that this would be a bit tricky considering they were also on a limited budget for the invitations. I do like challenges like this, though, and decided to go with one color thermographic printing (in black) for the invitation and enclosure (which would incorporate both map and RSVP details), and then apply the rainbow color scheme (albeit in more sophisticated shades) to the envelope lining. Voila, the total cost was well within budget.


Because a rainbow color scheme does conjure visions of children’s birthday parties, I went for more jewel-like tones for the rainbow colors. I also recalled the old belief that at the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold. With that in mind, I decided on foil stamping on the hot air balloon graphic on the invitation—which provided a more formal look.


If you look closely, there’s a monogram on the hot air balloon. This monogram appeared on the labels used to seal the favor bags (alas, no photos).

I also designed a small poster for them, as my—or rather, mine and my best friends, who helped pay for the printing—wedding gift. I just went with plain black with gold foil stamping of the couple’s monogram (minus the circular frame) to echo the invitation. The sentiment is certainly not original, but I like it because I thought it suited Therese and Axel perfectly. Sure enough, Therese said something similar during her vows at the ceremony.


This was definitely one project I had fun with. Maybe the design wasn’t overly complicated, but I was happy that it turned out so well. I also enjoyed working with the printer (who also handled the first wedding invitation I designed)—they were incredibly accommodating and understood what I wanted done. When you find a supplier you get along with and who understands what you’re after, stick with them.

Best of all were the kind words of gratitude I received from both Therese and Axel (and Axel’s mother). To know that a client (and good friend) is happy with your work has to be one of the best things about being a designer.


2 thoughts on “Work | Wedding Invitation

  1. I love the simply, yet elegant feel of this invite. You mentioned this was for a friend, but would you be willing to redo this for a wedding? Our wedding is on August 3, 2014, and our theme includes hot air balloons and luggage.

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