Color Love: Black + Gold

Stars by Seb Lester

Hand lettered poster by Seb Lester

Once again, I find myself neglecting this blog. October was an incredibly rough month for personal reasons. I’m just slowly getting used to November, preparing for quarterly taxes (ugh), tackling a new project (yay), and trying to squeeze in preparations for an upcoming trip abroad (double yay).

Anyway, I just wanted to share some things I saved up for a blog post—namely, the glorious combination of black and gold (foil or metallic ink).

I love this combination; it’s one of the best ways to connote luxury. While it depends on the complexity of the design in question (among other factors of course), print jobs like these are usually not that expensive to produce.

Jeopardy Magazine by Catherine Dimalla

Jeopardy Magazine designed by Catherine Dimalla

Argyll portfolio by Nelson Associates

Argyll marketing portfolio by Nelson Associates


Designer unknown; image found on Pinterest

Manifest Notecard by Eight Hour Day

Manifest Notecard by Eight Hour Day