Color Love: Black + Gold

Stars by Seb Lester

Hand lettered poster by Seb Lester

Once again, I find myself neglecting this blog. October was an incredibly rough month for personal reasons. I’m just slowly getting used to November, preparing for quarterly taxes (ugh), tackling a new project (yay), and trying to squeeze in preparations for an upcoming trip abroad (double yay).

Anyway, I just wanted to share some things I saved up for a blog post—namely, the glorious combination of black and gold (foil or metallic ink).

I love this combination; it’s one of the best ways to connote luxury. While it depends on the complexity of the design in question (among other factors of course), print jobs like these are usually not that expensive to produce.

Jeopardy Magazine by Catherine Dimalla

Jeopardy Magazine designed by Catherine Dimalla

Argyll portfolio by Nelson Associates

Argyll marketing portfolio by Nelson Associates


Designer unknown; image found on Pinterest

Manifest Notecard by Eight Hour Day

Manifest Notecard by Eight Hour Day


Color love: black, white, red

While black and white is a classic look, adding a bit or even a splash of red can bring everything to life.

(Color inspiration: poster for the English National Opera by Carroll, Dempsey & Thirkell)

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Vintage packaging finds

Unimart photo by Ramon FVelasquez
(Photo: Unimart by Ramon F Velasquez, courtesy of Wikipedia)

Anyone who is from the Ortigas or San Juan area (or anyone who has visited Greenhills Shopping Center) should be familiar with Unimart. It’s been around for ages—I have fond memories of going grocery shopping there with my paternal grandmother and my cousins whenever we’d spend weekends at our grandparents’ house in New Manila.

These days, stepping into Unimart feels like going back to the 1980s, complete with sappy 80s one-hit wonders currently being bossa nova-fied to death in this decade. To give you an idea, the section where they sell school supplies, books, and toys looks like it ought to be covered in a layer of dust (it isn’t), and the sales staff should all be in their 70’s by now (far from it). It’s not so bad if you’re the nostalgic type…until you realize that the cash machines also seem to be from the 1980s, and you’re standing in line waiting forever for your turn.

This is not to say that Unimart sells really old things, by the way. Not at all (otherwise no one would do their grocery shopping there). I did notice, however, that there are quite a few things they sell that really add to the feeling of being in a time warp.

Like these funny-looking dog and…I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a bear (or a racoon) benches. Seriously, what mind came up with this idea. Each costs close to US$850.00. Who on earth would buy these? 2013-03-30 15.19.53

What did catch my eye were a couple of items that use vintage (or vintage style?) packaging. I spotted three brands of floor wax—”the original since 1953″ and all from the same manufacturer. It’s safe to assume that the packaging also hasn’t changed since.wax vintage packaging

And these lemon drops! In spite of the weird meshing of font choices (not really liking what they used for “Lemon Drops”), I like it a lot if only for the vintage style illustration. It’s certainly not something you see every day. I didn’t buy it (trying to cut down on sweets) but I’d like to try them one day.lemon drops vintage style packaging

I swear I don’t see these things in any other grocery except Unimart. It’s crazy, and even though I want this place to undergo a renovation, stat, a part of me hopes they won’t ever change.