Color love: black, white, red

While black and white is a classic look, adding a bit or even a splash of red can bring everything to life.

(Color inspiration: poster for the English National Opera by Carroll, Dempsey & Thirkell)

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Print Techniques: Blind Embossing

One of the reasons why I decided to focus more on print design is simply because I love being able to hold a finished piece in my hand. I’ve long held a fascination for beautifully printed and finished pieces, from business cards to brochures, and this always inspires me to produce functional and beautiful (one can hope) work for my clients.

A favorite print technique I like to employ (where it suits the project, and because I’ve learned it’s not very expensive compared to other types of print techniques) is blind embossing.

With embossing, an image is heat-pressed onto the surface of the paper using a metal die to create a raised impression. There are several types of embossing, but we’ll focus on one that I particularly like: blind embossing. I know some printers who call it “dry embossing” and I think this is a more common term among printers here in the Philippines. Simply put, blind embossing is embossing without any application of ink or foil. Here are some examples of blind embossing:

matthew del degan business card Business card by Tyler Adam Smith

Victionary: Gold & Silver
Victionary‘s Gold & Silver: New Metallic Graphics

stila eyeshadow palette packaging
Stila Backstage Eyeshadow Palette by Jill Tomandl

blind embossing sample

Welcome dinner invitation I designed as part of a conference some years ago.

There are a lot of things one can do with blind embossing, and it works well on any color (white seems to be especially popular). It creates a subtle yet tactile effect, which makes it one way to make a piece look unique—without breaking the bank. 🙂